WAID in use by volunteers on local activities

The user stories below are from different volunteers who have used WAID when they have completed various volunteer activities in their local community. 
Jarle delivering food for the Volunteer Center of Flesberg municipality

Using WAID as a volunteer on local activities

My name is Jarle, and I have been a volunteer at Team Rubicon Norway since 2018/17. So far, I have participated as a volunteer during activities like #5 for hvalen, a foreign mission to Beirut, and several COVID-19 related activities through #neighborhelpingneighbor.
At the moment, #neighborhelpingneighbor is most relevant. During these activities, I use WAID to register hours by starting and stopping an activity and to report what I have done. A typical task might, for example, be to drive food to the ones who can’t go to the store. I use the reposting as my own log which I also share with the Volunteer Center in my municipality.   
I also use WAID to update my own user information and I’m often checking it as it provides a great overview of my own sensitive information such as vaccines and blood type. For me, it is a great platform for receiving information from TR-NOR.
I am very happy with WAID and I find the tool easy to use. Because I have been involved in the development of the tool, I feel it has become a tool that is easy for all volunteers to use. I like that it gives a history of my activity in the organization, and I can build up my competence here. It is like a log and documentation you can bring with you all the time. Here you have all info and experience about yourself. If we not have had WAID, I would probably have written everything down on an A4 sheet, and the documentation could quickly have disappeared. 
Written by Karoline Saastad after an interview with Jarle Lislien, 05.07.21

Activity management in the Western Norway region

My name is Magnar Ove and I have been a volunteer at Team Rubicon Norway since the summer of 2017. I was a part of the mission “Hard Hustle” in Huston Texas in the autumn of 2017. I was also involved in organizing and implementing the activity #5 for hvalen in western Norway in 2019. In 2021 I volunteered in Sunnfjord municipality during the vaccination. 
I am currently the regional manager (middle manager at TR-NOR) in region 3, western Norway, which covers Western Norway and Møre and Romsdal. I have only used WAID on activities related to vaccination where it was used to notify volunteers about activities, write work orders, and to report on the activities. In addition, I have used WAID to get information about the volunteers in the western region of Norway. Among other things, to get an overview of what competence we hold with our volunteers in this region. 
I find the system easy to use. I especially see the great value of the register of volunteers. This makes it easy to find the necessary information if the volunteers enter the correct info. My alternative was to use Excel and paper. 
Written by Magnar Ove Leknes Skorven, 05.07.21