Get the overview needed to plan small and big humanitarian operations, in one tool!


Keep everyone updated and informed, using a tool that everyone knows how to use.


Get all information presented as intuitive statistics, and export all data when doing your next fundraising.

Humanitarian aid organizations use various tools, both digital and manual, in the various phases of emergency preparedness, operational planning, and execution. There are many tools that today can solve parts of the various phases, but they are often not adapted to humanitarian organizations and can often not be integrated with each other. This makes it challenging for organizations to have an overview and control over the entire organization and the assignments they carry out.

WAID has gathered all the necessary tools for emergency preparedness, execution, and evaluation in one product.

Profile for users

Members of your organization can log in to their own account to change their personal information in a secure way, as well as sign up for available events and see assigned tasks.

Profile for users 

Profile for administration 

Members of your organization can log in to their own account to change their personal information in a secure way, as well as sign up for available events and see assigned tasks.

An administrator has a complete overview of all competence in the organization, and can create events and alerts to their member pool. Selection of participants for an event is made intuitive, and all data is presented as statistics.



Delegate Register

Organizations often use a HR tool as a register of all their members and volunteers. These tools are often not optimized for the needs of the organizations as they focus on contact information and not competence, and are manually updated.

  • Two-sided register, which give members the possibility to log in and update own information
  • Overview of all competence in the organization
  • All information on one place
  • Secure storing of sensitive information based on GDPR

You should have 100% control of all competence in own organisation

Course Register

An important part of having an operative preparedness is to always update the competences of all members of the organisation. With the course module you have all overview of all courses in your organization, as well as which courses you should retake.

  • Overview of all courses and who have passed them
  • Competence center with an overview of how many members of your organization have the specific competence
  • Easily publish new courses and take attendance directly in WAID.

You should always have an overview of existing and missing competence in your organization

Alerting and Rapid Respons

When the organization decides to deploy, you need a quick overview of what competencies are available. With WAID you can notify exactly those who are needed, as you can filter recipients by competence and predefined profiles.

  • SMS or email alerts
  • Notifications of new deployments can be sent automatically on the basis of a custom template
  • Recipients of alerts can respond directly with availability

You should get a hold of who you need, when they are needed

Event Planner

When you plan for a deployment, participants must first and foremost be selected and approved, either based on open positions that members apply for, or by direct selection. We have built a funnel for overview and selection, so all decisions are made on the basis of competence and availability.

  • Opportunity for members to apply for open positions
  • Applicants can be compared, selected and approved through an intuitive interface
  • Applicants and participants are informed throughout the process

Make informed decisions

Event Management - Task delegation

During a humanitarian mission, a lot happens, and the flow of information is often complicated. The task management module provides an overview of all the chaos. You have the opportunity to divide the operation into smaller tasks, and delegate them to participants, so everyone are informed.

  • Create and delegate tasks to the participants
  • Add checklists on each task
  • Updated overview of all operational information

Divide and delegate the responsibility

Event Management - Reporting

With the reporting module, you can document everything that happens during a mission, where all participants contribute with updated information.

  • Reporting with custom report templates with notification
  • Hour registration, divided into predefined tasks
  • Download reports as pdf and register as processed
  • Statistics of all submitted reports

Provides an overview of the chaos


When your organization is going to crowdfund or apply for financial support, it is important that all information about operations is transparent and clear. With the statistics module, you get all important information graphically and clearly presented

  • Basic overview of all active assignments
  • Graphic overview of working hours and tasks performed
  • Ability to export all datasets to spreadsheets

Transparency and clarity increase credibility

Extra module?

We are a technology company that is always under development. If you have unmet needs or wishes beyond what we offer today, we are interested in having a chat with you

  • Rapid development of new modules based on no-code technology
  • Focus on development and digitalization of the humanitarian aid sector
  • Gather all digital tool in one platform
  • Integration with other digital tools
  • Reasonable pricing

We will never stop developing!

Interested in our product?



Our system has been developed in collaboration with Appfarm, which provides a secure and robust solution. We take personal safety seriously, and all parts of our system are GDPR-complient.

Do not send personal and sensitive information over unencrypted mail. 


As a customer of WAID, you will experience flexibility and tailoring at your fingertips. By offering a module-based solution, you can choose modules that suit your organization and get a tool adapted to your operations.

With the use of no-code technology, we can quickly edit and develop new robust.

User friendliness

WAID is built on a modern and intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to use, both as an administrator and a user. An intuitive product creates faster processes and involves all your members.

Choose a tool that everyone knows how to use.


Du har full oversikt over kompetanse, oppdrag og kurs på ett sted. 

Vi kan også integrere med de fleste andre løsninger, som HRprogram og kommunikasjonsplattformer. 


Visste du at epost ikke er en sikker måte å sende personlig informasjon?

Vårt software er GDPRsikkert, og gir en sikker måte å overføre personlig informasjon innad i organisasjonen.


Med WAID Beredskap kommer du til å bruke mindre tid på administrative oppgaver, og flytter småoppgaver over på delegatene.

Bruk heller tiden på det som er viktig.


Vi bruker et moderne og intuitivt brukergrensesnitt, som gjør det enkelt å navigere, både som delegat og koordinator.

Man skal ikke trenge en bruksanvisning for å bruke vårt produkt.